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For me becoming a designer has been an irregular process filled with successes, failures and interruptions. However, one consistent part of the process has been the constant production of ideas, images, interactions and relationships. Through this process I have left a trail of files, prints, web sites, and posts stored away on drawers, folders, CD’s, URL’s and even ZIP disks. Like an attic filled with life-long mementos, a design portfolio is filled with lessons learned, memories and inspiration.


When I have the time I am always happy to experiment with javascript. Below are a few examples with HTML5 canvas.

I call this one Eraser. Click here to see it in action
With some modifications to eraser I created Galaxy. Click here to see it in action


In the past 5 years I have worked on over 10 web and native mobile applications. They have ranged from long-term projects, to small personal experiments. What draws me to application design is the ability to create solutions that make peoples lives easier and more enjoyable. In the past 4+ years creating applications have been the main focus of my design career.

1.RateBlade is a simple mobile app allowing you to quickly scan products and get product reviews from across the globe. It is great for shopping in a supermarket in Japan. The app is collaborative project with a friend.
2.Leo Messi social app - this was a pitch to the Leo Messi Marketing team during my work at Brandtix
3.Leo Messi social app screen
4.Leo Messi Desktop portal
5.Rotary Universe - a social media platform for Rotary International
5.Rotary Universe - app screen
6.PositionIn - Global Career finder - a Brandtix project


Marketing and Web design was an entry point for me into the field of design. As a visual artist, creating appealing images was something I could relate to. However marketing design was successful only through an effective and meaningful communication with its audience. With marketing shifting from consumer bombardment towards user interaction and engagement I became more and more involved with Interaction and consecutively User Experience design. However some of those early projects were a great opportunity for formal exploration and experimentation with user interactions.

From top left to right: 1.Brandtix Website - this site is no longer active, but feel free to visit - personal project with a friend of mine 3.Kids Portal for Leo Messi (pitch demo) - marketing site 5.Chicken War - a flash game created for 6.Leo Messi online portal


Illustration is a passion of mine. It is a skill that has been extremely useful in tight deadlines, and I have often employed it in my work. I have been illustrating as a sort of chameleon for the most part, using the appropriate style for the occasion. However, in the last two years I began to focus on developing a more personal style that reflects my taste and influences.

From top left to right: 1.Discovery (Adventure Series) - personal project 2.Cube (Adventure Series) - personal project 3.Boise (Pinup Series) - personal project 4.Varna (Pinup Series) - personal project 5.Town (Messi's Adventure) - Brandtix project 6.Houses (Messi's Adventure) - Brandtix project


Visual art is a very important part of my life and I am actively exhibiting and developing my artwork. My artworks are held in a number of private and public collections, and I have been short-listed for a number of prestigious contemporary art awards. Often my design ideas are directly inspired by contemporary art. My artist website can be viewed at:

Speaking with the curator Yara Bubnova. From the opening of my solo exhibition "At Sea", Sofia, Bulgaria.

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