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Referral Document Workflow

Company: The Advisory Board Co.
Role: Lead UX Designer
Responsibilities: Research, User Testing, UX Design, UI Design
Goal: Redesigning of new referral form processing UI and UX.
Duration: 6 months

Perhaps one of the most complex parts of the Crimson Medical Referral software, the referral "form" was a complex UI that combined submission and processing flow, multi-user communication, multiple statuses, call logging, attachments and much more. I was very excited to tackle this complexity and come with an elegant solution that would impact the daily lives of medical referral coordinators across the country.

Legacy Design

The original form followed an accordion pattern considered as best practices at the time.

View of the legacy screen.

Evolving Context

Over time, with the addition of new clients, new features and the development of more complex processing workflows the form became a pain point for many of our users.
In addition the development team was also pushing for a refactoring of the code.

View of the legacy screen.

Redesign Goals

Usability Goals

Technical Refactoring