User Engagement Service Design

The Advisory Board Co.
Lead UX Designer
UX design, UI design, prototyping, user testing, basic foundational research
Jan 2016 - Aug 2016

Strategy and Process Design

The focus of this project was to design a framework for our delivery services within which they could design and measure targeted user engagement initiatives. I began with designing a 4 step ladder for building a better user engagement:

White board design sessions with the Delivery team was part of the discovery process.

For each of this steps I have identified pain points, measures and the corresponding metrics. The delivery team designs initiatives which they now can assign to a vertical goal and metrics to measure. Providing this frame-work for them allows them to have a much more targeted approach to building user engagement.

User Engagement Inititatives

User Engagement also provided a platform for me to develop a number of individual projects to test different features and ideas, without falling within the development cycle. One of those inititatives was to create a set of user avatars to entertain the users which sometimes spend their whole day in the application working on fairly repetitive tasks.

We started with a survey to see what kind of "persona" the users see themselves us. What we were looking for was how the users will respond to the survey. What was important was the fact that user showed a great interest in filling a fun survey while the individual answers provided the ideas for the characters.
I designed 3 avatars based on the survey to insert in the application.
I build a HTML prototype to test the feature with users.

There are numerous other projects that are currently being tested within the framework, anything from coffee mugs to new remote training processes. All of these initiatives are now structured around a single user centered goal.

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